Demon Hounds
Hellhound, Cerberus (Kerberos)

Varies. Always canine. Sometimes headless or double- or triple-headed. Can be either dog- or demon-headed, with or without horns for ears.

Greatly resembles the spectral breed of the same name. White, with or without red ears. Usually red or blue eyes.
As the name implies, any demon hound with two or more heads.
Any type, but usually sports horns, spikes, scales, bat wings, or other draconic features.
Red or black, with a dog's head and red or yellow eyes. Large, shorthaired, and normally lanky, sometimes emaciated.
Large, hairy hounds with dog heads. Usually gray, blue, or brown in color.
Any hellhound of any type. Zombies are either skinless, rotted, or have, in some other way, bones, muscles, or organs exposed.

Varies. Usually of evil or predatory intent. On occasion, a demon hound is distinguished only by some unnatural behavior or an unnatural force that has acted upon it.

The most varied and common group of hound. These are the type usually seen in mythology and in video games and rpgs.

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